Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Finger nails indicate health conditions

Most of the times, by observing our body parts, we can identify the problems or diseases that we may get or going through. Finger nails also indicate us about our health conditions.
  • When there is an excessive dryness with tendency to break, split, and crack in the nails, then they are called as Brittle nails. Reasons for getting brittle nails are dehydration, hands often in water, wearing dark nail polish without base coat, nail polish remover, aging, poor circulation, etc. They also indicate that the body is in need of vitamin A, vitamin B, calcium and Biotin.
  • When the whole or part of nail is yellowish in color, they are called as yellow nails. Yellow nails are occurred due to tobacco stains, frequent use of dark nail polish without base coat, self- tanning products, Psoriasis, slower nail growth as we age.
  • If the nail lifts up from skin underneath i.e., separation of nail from nail bed, then the possible causes are due to some oral contraceptives, psoriasis, impaired circulation, fungal infection, etc.
  • Spoon-shaped nails i.e., nails curve upward in shape of spoon, instead of downward are caused due to anemia or iron deficiency.
  • Blood in nail bed, cracked or split nail, ridging can be caused due to injury. For example, hitting on nail with hammer can cause temporary abnormality, but injury to the matrix where the nail develops can cause permanent deformity.
  • Vertical ridges (grooves extending from nail base to tip) are caused due to slower circulation as we age. They also indicate that the body is in need of iron, vitamin B 12, folic acid.
  • White bands or horizontal bands on nails are formed due to damage transmitted to matrix via nail, caused by overzealous manicures, typing, playing some musical instruments, etc.
  • Horizontal ridges indicate that the body is stressed and in need of calcium and B complex.
  • White spots on nails indicate zinc deficiency. These are caused may be due to trauma to the nail.
  • Slow growth of nail indicates that we should increase amino acids in our diet.
  • If the skin around nail is red, swollen and inflamed, then the condition is called as Paronychia. It is caused due to bacterial or yeast infection in nail.
  • Dark band i.e., isolated dark band in nail, especially of concern to light-skinned people is caused due to melanoma and medications such as some antibiotics, etc.
  • Beau’s lines (deep, horizontal ridges) are caused due to crash dieting, high fever, surgery, malnutrition, etc.

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